For over 15 years, Newmeite has been committed to high end-collectible-popular gifts and crafts across a wide range of

1) Action figures: movie & anime figures, video game character, sports player, stars figures
2) Holiday decorations: Haloween mask, house decoration, Christmas gifts
3) Model Crafts: aircraft, tanks, ships, motorcycle, anqitue cars, buildings etc.
4) Resin bobble head, resin sculpture, resin statues
5) Award trohpy, medal, badge, souvenir, 3D stationary, keychain
6) Photo frame, money box, Jewellry box, candle holder, flower pot, pet bowls etc

Since the company establishment in 2001, Newmeite has developed into one of most experienced and professional multi-divisional suppliers of License Gifts andCollectible Crafts, focused on one-stop service for developing and manufacturing. Our goal is to maximize our customers’ sales and profitability through the quick response system and strict quality control, while at the same time seeking out new opportunities for growth and success.Our corporate focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations has resulted in long term partnerships with customers across US and Japan for both private label and national brand design and manufacturing. This commitment to excellence at all levels extends to our manufacturing bases in Guangdong of China. Our factory are conveniently located in the Hengli Town suburb of Dongguan city, Guangdong, with a 6,500 square meters facility. Internationally, we hold rolling sales teams to offer 24 hours’ customer service across the world. With a showroom inside the factory, we warmly welcome you visit at any your convenience.

Why choose us?
a) 3D Design/-3D Printing-3D prototype- Silicon/ PU Molding all in house brand authorized design/production, 100% confidential
b) With 150-200 workers, covers 6500 squares production area, we deliver over 60,000 pcs of 3D figures per week.
c) ISO 9001:2015 certified factory, ERP management system
d) With over 15 years of experience, supplying to MARVEL, TOMY, DISNEY, BANDAI, SANRIO…
e) We export 85% to USA, Europe, Japan and also supplying to domestic governmental associations

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